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NightWave Sleep Assistant

Sleep Better. Work Better. Live Better 

Get to Sleep Easily with the NightWave

  • Have trouble falling asleep? 
  • Wake up and can't get back to sleep? 
  • Have a busy, churning mind that won't shut down and let you get to sleep?

The NightWave is a 100% natural solution that that uses your body's relaxation response to solve problems falling asleep.  It helps you to relax, clear you mind, and breathe deeply and rythmically.  It is a natural alternative to sleep medications and supplements.

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 Doctor Recommended

Doctor Reviews - NightWave Sleep Assistant:

NightWave is the perfect addition to a healthy sleep routine…I recommend it.”
Dr. James B. Maas, PhD
Weiss Presidential Fellow
Professor of Psychology
Cornell University and Weill Cornell Medical College - Qatar
Co-Author of the forthcoming book, 'Sleep - AT LAST!'

“My wife has struggled for many years with difficulty falling asleep. She tends to ruminate on various issues as she tries to go to sleep at night…To our astonishment she finds NightWave so effective that she typically falls asleep within the first 7 minutes and she’s also finding it effective for falling back to sleep in the middle of the night. IMPRESSIVE! ”
Dr. Barry Feldman, MD - Medical Director, Coastal Sleep Disorders Center

” I’ve had several of my patients use the NightWave Sleep Assistant machine and without exception, they’ve had great results. Best of all – it’s very inexpensive – and very portable.”
Dr. Gordon Cameron, MD – Royal College of General Practitioners

“After having spent literally hundreds of dollars on over-the-counter and prescription therapies, I trialed the NightWave and was initially skeptical. The device is safe, easy to use and most importantly, extremely effective when used as directed by the manufacturer. As a direct result of consistent use of the NightWave, I was able to stop using the oral medications entirely.”
Dr. Alexander R. Toll, PhD