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How does the NightWave Work?

Reduce Stress, Sleep More. Sleep More, Reduce Stress

Stress, Sleeplessness, and frustration are all linked in a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. NightWave invokes the well known biological phenomena called the Relaxation Response.

NightWave projects a soft blue light either on your ceiling or wall in your darkened bedroom.

  • NightWave's light gently pulses on and off
  • Breathe in and out in time with the light
  • Gradually the light and you breathing slows down
  • You relax, deeper and deeper
  • The next thing you know, it's morning
You watch the light with your eyes open and time your breathing with the wave of soft light as its cycle becomes slower and slower. After a short time NightWave automatically shuts off and you drift off to sleep. The soft light won't disturb your partner.

Why does NightWave work?

Quiet the mind, relax your body

NightWave works so well because it quiets your mind while it relaxes your body. With NightWave, your gentle focus on an external cue gives you an escape from the over-active mind. NightWave provides your active mind something gentle to focus on. Many people learn and understand relaxation techniques used by psychologist to prescribe cognitive behavioral therapy to help with sleep. However, implementing these techniques in your bedroom is easier said than done. NightWave takes the thought and anxiety out of the sleep hygiene and relaxation techniques taught by clinical psychologists

Don't lose any more sleep - Give it a go!

My wife finds NightWave so effective that she typically falls asleep within the first 7 minutes...IMPRESSIVE!

- Dr. Barry Feldman, MD
Medical Director
Coastal Sleep Disorders Center

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